Pictured: Printed shirts by Robert Graham (available here)

We all know the saying, life’s a b**** (or beach, if you’re kind of punny), all too well. What if we replaced that dog-word with another one that also starts with a b? There’s beauty, bliss and blast. Ah, blast- an adventure that’s filled with moments of thrill and surprises. Done. Life’s a blast is the next b****. It’s these simple shifts in our language choices that influence those around us tremendously, including ourselves. I realized over the past few years that speaking positively, makes the heart/mind internalize it and forces you to become what you put out in this world.  View Post

Pictured at Washington Square Park in a See by Chloe blouse 

Graduation seasons is the perfect time to be cliché and get away with it. You know, be true to yourself, fight for your passions,  be resilient and the list goes on and on. With so much advice from so many well established individuals, it’s easy to wonder what really matters. And while most focus on specific character traits, the overarching theme is simply be open-minded. That’s it. When you are emotionally in-sync with yourself and are receptive of new experiences, you naturally make the most of who you are, the opportunities and even the “failures”. I personally found this to be the most helpful in my past four years at NYU Stern, since it allowed me to break past group think, build my own path and overcome those inevitable roadblocks. Being open-minded opens doors to the futures we often narrow and beat down; yes, knowing what comes next helps, but only with open minds and hearts, do we fully embrace the bright futures and possibilities ahead of us.

-Matt Chu

Here I wear a Simon Miller kimono (available here) and Dries Van Noten trousers (similar here) to go grocery shopping.

In the current retail scene where there are too many goddam options, we’re constantly told how to make smarter shopping decisions. And yes, most of them are practical and encourage us to buy the classics and cut the statements, an advice that’s reiterated in multiple variations. But before thinking that’s the most financially sound option, perhaps it’s worth inspecting why we wear what we wear, rather than jumping to conclusions about our “irrational” shopping habits.  View Post

Hand sewn vest by Adam Dalton Blake, skilled in wildly imaginative and colorful designs (see his work here and here)

The topic of youth always seems like a touchy subject- either we have it, but we’re frustrated with it, or we’ve lost it, but it remains a state of desire. Either way, it doesn’t encompass the sense of stability and contentment that comes with adulthood. In that respect, youth is almost always temporary, perhaps due to its nature of becoming rather than being. But what about the becoming that makes it so desirable? Let’s take a quick short study: View Post

Sporting a coat from Selvage, with grey culottes and patent boots.

After months in working,  I’m excited to share my newest collaboration with Selvage (check them out here and here), a Swedish avant-garde boutique that carries luxury independent designers. With a focus on off-beat fashion, it’s curation is anything but ordinary and in fact resonates strongly with my taste in fashion. While I pay attention to trends, I always extrapolate the mainstream to fit my styling- somewhat whimsical and even weird. And let’s be real, sometimes weird is cooler than try-too-hard cool. Here’s why: View Post