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As a short guy, I’ve always dressed quite conservatively to make sure my proportions make me look taller. I realized overtime that this was overly restricting, since I ended up sacrificing my taste in clothes to follow a standard of beauty engrained in one’s DNA. To find a compromise, I’ve learned to balance the pieces so one that flattens me is paired with one that elongates.  View Post

IMG_4038As a business school student, I’ve been to my fair share of networking and professional development events. Till this day, I am fascinated by how corporate culture has stripped away people’s personalities from head to toe, literally. From nylon pencil skirts to standard blue dress shirts, I can’t help but think that I’m already living in a dystopian society. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 
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Growing up, I’d never thought I could wear women’s clothes. I thought women’s fashion was meant to be feminine, and men’s masculine; breaking the dress code meant being less of a guy than I already was. Not so true anymore. In fact, people often compliment on my outfits and are surprised when they hear some pieces are women’s.

It started with the photo shoot above. View Post

A good style blog will by no doubt have beautiful photos. As Instagram continues to grow exponentially however, we can now achieve the same things on both platforms. Which is why I wanted to start this blog: to document pretty moments in life with thought provoking commentary. After all, it is way too easy to become another thumb scroll on someone else’s feed.


For inspiration, I looked to Tate’s logos. Contrary to traditional static logos, Wolff Olins strategically designed them to vary under different circumstances.The slogan “Look again, think again” showed the breadth of the Tate brand, since it encompassed several branches that curated different types of art. With that, I’m hoping to make this blog not just about the appearances, but also the meaning. The blog will be broken down the following way:

In Style: To challenge taste in menswear/ style, and why it is more than just suits and ties.

In Thought: To uncover relatable moments of truth surrounding the creative industry.

In Editorial: To develop my photography style and voice as a semi-professional.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog as much as I do writing it. And don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any food pics.

-Matt Chu