Self portraits taken at home. Pictured: See by Chloé blouse, The Row pleated maxi skirt

It’s been a tough week for everyone. From routine disruptions to witnessing how incapable our system AND people are with curbing the pandemic, there’s no doubt all of us are on edge. I grew up in Asia when SARS happened, yet the severity this round feels unprecedented and overwhelming; job losses, lack of medical care, disrespect for others and mental instability are all hindrances we cannot deny.

As much as I’m tempted to keep checking notifications to stay in the know of every update, I found myself needing to turn off the tweets, the BREAKING NEWS and the various social commentaries my digital peers present. Yes, we are all somewhat responsible, but also taking care of our minds and bodies is equally important. So whether that means taking my workouts indoors or continuing my creative passions on restricted means, finding a balance of education and self-care is crucial. So if you find yourself enraged or anxious over what’s happening in the outside world, take the time to talk and care for a loved one, rediscover an old hobby, or whatever it takes to calm you, because one day we will return to normalcy and we will all have a greater appreciation of the normal life we took for granted. Stay strong, all.


Another season has wrapped up and there’s no better time to highlight the best runway looks. From London’s experimental designs to Paris’ authoritative creativity, here are the 6 trends that will rule 2018 in style:

I. The Conservative Sheer

from left to right: Off-white, Stella McCartney and Simon Rocha. images via Vogue Runway

This season, it’s all about layering sheer pieces. #freethenipple has had it’s time (for now) and designers are using see-through materials like tulle, organza and lace conservatively. Layer it over a bodysuit, jumpsuit, dress, or just about anything to achieve this look.

II. Age of Silver

from left to right: Paco Robanne, Erdem and MM6 Maison Margiela 

Plastic is having a moment, but not for much longer. Silver reigned the shows to shimmer past the unstable social and political scene, providing us with much-needed fun. There’s never enough silver, so start sequining your whole look from collar to boots. View Post

If you’re an art junkie and think you’ve done and seen it all in the tri-state area, here’s something for you. I recently made a trip to Magazzino Italian Art, a new contemporary art museum in Cold Springs, that houses works of Pier Paolo Calzolari, Michelangelo Pistoletto and more. While it’s not as large as Storm King Art Center or Dia:Beacon, I see it as a nice addition to the upstate art experience, because who can’t say no to more contemporary art? See some of my snapshots below: View Post