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Courtesy of Petit Palais Milano

If there’s one noticeable difference between fashion capitals Paris and Milan, it’s the urban landscape that houses the genius talents of the world. While Parisian architecture tells a timeless fairytale, Milan adds modern elements to the ongoing story. With the Milan Cathedral so close to corporate skyscrapers, it’s the eclectic mix that makes Milan a nuanced and precious destination. View Post

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You’re not really a New Yorker until you say no to going out on a Friday night. It’s somewhat of an illusion that it’s the city that never sleeps, because if you try to keep up with that, you’ll probably suffer malnutrition from eating too much $1 pizza. But if you are planning on staying out until the sun rises, why not dress so you’re still glamorous in the daylight? So here’s to some hangover chic. View Post

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This post was featured in and on cover of ESLV Mag Issue V, check it out for the full feature.

When we create a piece of artwork, it becomes an extended metaphor of ourselves. There’s embedded expressions that come from our subconscious’, inscrutable areas we continuously attempt to understand and control. Art Therapy taps into this aspect by using the creative process to increase self-awareness and induce personal development in a positive manner. And while therapy often implies existence of a problem, art therapy can actually benefit any of us, as long as we’re open to such aid. View Post