matt chu picchu the minimalist fisherman 3

It’s fascinating to run into people you know when they’re off-duty and not in their usual work costume. There’s a sense of emotional nakedness during the immediate encounter that makes familiar faces seem distant and unrecognizable. Such perceptual change perhaps alludes to our tendencies to only believe in what we’re used to seeing, making any sudden changes feel too acute and indigestible.  View Post

matt chu picchu july 4th brunch

Clockwise: PAUL SMITH Grandad-collar striped shirt, $350; LORO PIANA Straw Panama Hat, $735; HAMPTON SUN SPF30 Lotion, $36; THOM BROWNE Round Frame Sunglasses, $675; TOPMAN Badge Denim Shorts, $70; SAINT LAURENT Appliqued Metallic Leather Sneakers, $545

Brunch: Yes, wear a hat to brunch. You’re going to be sitting outside anyways, right? Pair a classic striped button down with badged denim shorts to give your look a fashionable update. The Metallic Sneakers are going to shine, so don’t forget your SPF lotion. View Post

matt chu picchu the dressed up vagabond

We live in a habits-driven world where we find comfort in repetition and familiarity. Yet something about that settlement feels unsettling ironically. Perhaps some of us are meant to be more nomadic and not constrained under the boundaries of dwellings, which we may or may not consider as home. After all, the saying, “home is where the heart is” makes any physical dimension a possible source of comfort. View Post

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If you have expensive taste, you’ll know the dreadful feeling of always picking up the priciest item in a store (or doesn’t affect you if you swim in money). That means the end right? Nope, don’t fear, if you know the right places to shop at the right times, you’ll be able to get amazing deals that cost almost the same as your ZARA runs. Here’s how to buy designer goods on a budget. View Post

Matt Chu Picchu The Lost Commuter 4

The relationship between distance and time remains a hindrance we can’t seem to conquer. Only if time travel was possible would we no longer have to wait and be patient. Especially true for commuters who face the pain on a regular basis, there’s immense wishful thinking for the simpler days when urban sprawl wasn’t as rapid and relentless. But perhaps amongst the traffic lights and bus stops, there’s something to be said about the pace we navigate our lives in a fast changing world. View Post